Updated: Watch: “We will protest until you resign” activists tell Muscat

Miguela Xuereb

Thousands gathered outside parliament before proceeding to a protest in Castille Square. After MPs left the parliamentary building, the crowds moved to Castille Square, where activists from Occupy Justice and Repubblika held an anti-corruption protest.

Journalist and blogger Manuel Delia, Repubblika’s president Professor Vicki Ann Cremona, former radio presenter and activist David Thake, activist Norman Vella, and Occupy Justice Pia Zammit, addressed the thousands of citizens that gathered in Castille Square.

“The darkest hour before the dawn”

‘It is always the darkest hour before the dawn,’ Norman Vella told the people gathered. As someone who comes from a Labour family, Vella appealed to the Labourites to join the fight. He urged the government MPs to cleanse their party, saying that while Partit Laburista has a five year mandate, the MPs should find someone who unites the country. He added that they plan to keep protesting until Prime Minister Joseph Muscat resigns.

Referring to the nationwide power cut, Vella asked why did we need the tanker, if a fault in the interconnector caused an outage. He added that now we know why the tanker was needed, adding that even the Police now know why we have the tanker.

‘Prime Minister, Attorney General and Police Commissioner should resigned’

Occupy Justice activist Pia Zammit called for the resignations of Prime Minister Joseph Muscat, Attorney General Peter Grech and Police Commissioner Lawrence Cutajar during her speech. Describing the aftermath of Caruana Galizia’s assassination, Zammit stated ‘now we know why, they were trying to bury the truth’.

She pointed out that the irony is that while Caruana Galizia was labelled a ‘traitor’, she was the one to die for her country. ‘The deadliest blow to our freedom of speech,’ Zammit stated.

‘Who owns Macbridge? Who owns Egrant?’ – David Thake

Activist David Thake asked who owns the Macbridge and third Panamanian company Egrant. He stated that each major deal negotiated by this government needed to be investigated. Adding that the people want their money back until the last €1.

Thanking Caruana Galizia for her work, he said ‘I’m sure she’s smiling, seeing the rats jump ship’. He thanked her sons for their tireless work, seeking the truth, as well as her family.

Appealing to Labourites, Thake stated that those at the helm have cheated them, but they have the power to kick them out. ‘Don’t defend killers and thieves,’ he said.

‘He’s keeping a whole country hostage’ – Manuel Delia

Journalist and blogger Manuel Delia described Muscat as the biggest obstacle to justice, saying that he is keeping the whole country hostage to save his skin. He warned that Muscat shall use popularity to wash himself clean.

The journalist warned that disinformation campaign against the anti-corruption activists, using fabricated stories to discredit them. Delia added that they shall continue protesting until Muscat leaves. ‘When you leave, we can start paving the way to obtain justice for Daphne, for her family,’ Delia stated.

“Agħti kbir Alla, id-dehen lil min jaħkimha” sing the protesters

LIVE minn quddiem il-Parlament

Posted by Newsbook.com.mt on Tuesday, November 26, 2019

In an emotional prelude, an increasingly large group of people have been gathering outside parliament singing the National Anthem. The protest organised by Repubblika and Occupy Justice was brought forward from tomorrow in view of the dramatic developments over the past few hours which led to two ministers leaving their posts and the PM’s Chief of Staff in custody answering questions.

This follows a brief session in parliament where members of the government had to be physically restrained when the atmosphere in the chamber became very tense.