“After any tragedy hope will always triumph” – UNHCR Representative

unhcr rep malta

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

The UNHCR representative in Malta, Kahin Ismail, said that after every tragedy stories of hope and perseverance will always emerge. He was referring to a recent report published by UNHCR.

He stated that Malta should be proud of the role it plays to save the lives of people stranded in the seas and how Malta offers a second chance for life to many refugees.

He stressed that Malta has progressed in recent years compared to the restrictive measures of the previous years. Ismail pointed to a framework for the integration which in his own words promises a good future among other improvements, which are needed in Malta’s asylum system.

He argued that in Malta, integration and social inclusion are no longer taboo topics and Malta has recognised the need for greater debate on social inclusion.

He also said that Malta is recognising that identity and culture are not fixed but two things which are constantly evolving.