Afriqiyah hijacker enters guilty plea

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

One of the two men charged with the hijack of a Libyan passenger plane has changed his plea to guilty on Monday.

The case happened in December 2016 when an Afriqiyah Airways plane was diverted to Malta.

Two men Shah Soko Moussa (29) and Ali Ahmed Saleh (30) both from Sebha, Libya were facing charges related to the hijack of an Airbus A320. They also faced terrorism charges.

The plane was carrying 111 passengers and six crew members.

The two had used replica guns and fake explosives, ordering the plane to change its course for Rome. Then they landed in Malta instead were the plane remained on the runway for four hours.

All passengers aboard the plane were eventually released unharmed. The two alleged hijackers were charged with a number of offences punishable with up to a life in prison.

Both men had filed not guilty pleas initially.

On Monday however the man informed the court that he would like to change his plea to guilty. Legal aid lawyer Martha Mifsud told the court that she had spoken to her client. The magistrate read out the charges and explained the implications of each. The man confirmed that he was now pleading guilty.

The court ordered that the acts of the compilation are sent to the Attorney General and for the Registrar of Courts to be notified accordingly.