AFM denies ‘cocaine party’ took place

The Armed Forces of Malta has denied claims that a “cocaine party” was held at Lyster Barracks, stating that internal investigations confirmed that no illicit substances were consumed at the place of work.

However, the AFM did acknowledged “certain misdemeanours” appear to have occurred on the day in question, stating that disciplinary action would be taken accordingly.

The claim of a cocaine party was first made by Godwin Schembri, an ex-soldier who was dismissed over a video in which he drove around a gate which lacked an adjoining fence at the Pembroke shooting range, mocking the arrangement in the process. The video was leaked to the public and went viral.

After Schembri made his claim, the AFM confirmed that a soldier was discharged immediately after refusing to take a drug test. It noted that all others tested negative, corroborating the findings of its internal investigations.

The AFM reiterated that it followed a zero tolerance policy when it came to the use of illicit drugs.