Adrian Delia instructs lawyers to take action against Karl Cini if PL contenders fail to do so

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Opposition leader and Partit Nazzjonalista leader Adrian Delia has instructed his lawyers to take action to initiate an investigation into Nexia BT Karl Cini if the government fails to do so within a 48-hour ultimatum he set for Partit Laburista leadership hopefuls Chris Fearne and Robert Abela.

Speaking at the party club in Tarxien on Sunday morning, Adrian Delia referred to Deputy Prime Minister and Prime Ministerial hopeful Chris Fearne saying that if elected he wants Adrian Delia to be investigated. Delia pointed out that Fearne does not need to wait until he is elected to request an investigation into the Opposition leader. He added that Fearne has understood nothing and the Prime Minister does not get to decide on who gets investigated or not. ‘Fearne can easily write to the Police Commissioner and request an investigation on me,’ Delia stated.

Referring to a recent barb traded between the two contenders, Delia said that Abela was partially right when he said that he is a lawyer and therefore has a better understanding on the meaning of the rule of law. ‘Fearne does not get it, that the prime minister does not get to decide on who is investigated,’ Delia continued. He added that if Fearne is keen to investigate him he should not wait to become a prime minster.

Delia said that conversely he has given instructions to his lawyers to initiate legal action in order to have Karl Cini investigated by the police if the government fails to order such an investigation within 48-hours. The Opposition leader noted that the government sat on the Egrant inquiry report for months. He referred to page 1459 of the report in which then Magistrate Aaron Bugeja ordered an investigation into Cini.

The Egrant inquiry report was only made public by Partit Nazzjonalista following a legal battle. On appeal, the Opposition Leader was granted a copy of the report which he subsequently made public.

Speaking about Robert Abela, Delia noted that Abela on multiple occasions has said that he will keep the same cabinet of ministers. He referred to an earlier speech by MP Jason Azzopardi who listed a number of ministers under criminal investigation. Delia added with Abela as leader nothing will change and everything will stay the same.

A long break to resolve internal power struggle

Following the arraignment of murder suspect Yorgen Fenech, Joseph Muscat announced that he will step down as prime minister and Partit Laburista leader only after a new leader is elected. Delia said that parliament adjourned and went for a long holiday and therefore giving sufficient time to Partit Laburista to resolve its internal power struggle.

He claimed that Muscat did not resign but was removed by the people. “The people bestowed power upon him and the same people brought him down,” Delia told the party activists gathered.

The Opposition Leader said that meanwhile the country was struggling; ‘ratings are downgraded, we heard nothing about what BOV intends to do regarding the USD correspondent bank, a complete information blackout,’ Delia said.

Both contenders are saying that the system is broken

‘The Deputy Prime Minister has acknowledged that he has been lying for six years,’ Delia claimed. He said that Muscat’s second in command just woke up to the realisation that the system is broken and requires repairs.

‘Weren’t you seated next to Muscat for six years? Where have you been throughout the past six years? Weren’t you the second in command to the most corrupt for politician of the world? Now you want to restore the rule of law in the country?’ Delia asked.

Reflecting on 2019, Delia said that while Partit Laburista seemed almost ‘invincible’, the country’s reputation took the greatest hit. The Nationalist leader said that now is the time for reflection which would allow us to take stock of the situation. ‘We need to muster the courage to move forward,’ Delia said.