ADPD gets new logo

AD+PD has unveiled its new logo on Saturday. The two minor parties formally merged together in August.

In a statement the newly merged party described its new logo as: “a stylised sunflower, joining together the colours green, orange, and yellow, associated with AD and PD prior to the merging of the parties into one, Green and progressive party. The circle recalls the sun, which together with the sunflower is a longstanding symbol of Green and Ecologist parties in Europe.”

AD+PD maintained that “together is better” saying that they stand together with one aim of contributing to better society.

“We believe that there cannot be progress without social equality, responsibility and sustainability. We believe in top class accessible public services such as public transport, housing, inclusive education, public health and safety in our localities. These requirements need sustainable financing and progressive taxation systems,” AD+PD said.

AD+PD also explained the aim of green economy highlighting that economic, environmental and social issues are not standalone issues but are intertwined.

“A better, brighter tomorrow means the strengthening of a participative and pluralistic democracy based on the rule of law, subsidiarity, adequate checks and balances to ensure a separation between constitutional powers and legal safeguards which serve as effective deterrents against corruption and the dominance of economic interests and egoistic lobby groups. This requires electoral reform, greater autonomy of the judiciary from government, clear distinction between the state and political parties and complete separation between state and church,” it said.

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