‘Adopt a grandparent’ initiative endorsed by the Auxiliary Bishop

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Bishop Joseph Galea Curmi endorsed the joint initiative of Missio Malta and Newsbook.com.mt asking people to adopt a grandparent who is lonely so as to make them feel better.

“Loneliness hurts”, Bishop Joseph Galea Curmi told Newsbook.com.mt.

“I believe that this initiative will raise the spirits of those persons suffering in solitude. Thank you Missio and Newsbook for thinking of those who did not raise their voice but who found a friendly heart through your good service”, said the Auxiliary Bishop.

He expressed his firm belief that “the elderly in our society are a great source of wealth as they do not only enrich society with their wisdom and memory, but they are also living proof of the treasure that is life: from conception to its natural end.”

He added that the “process of ageing affects people differently. Some remain active while others become fragile, labouring under the weight of their years. Many have the comfort of the loving nucleus of the family. Several however do not, and spend the sunset of their lives in solitude.”

Help those in need of love

Missio Malta’s main scope is to fund raise money for the missions but as Robert Farrugia, Head of Missio’s Communication and Fundraising told Newsbook.com.mt that given the dire financial situation in the world following the coronavirus pandemic they decided to stop raising for funds and instead raise awareness for caring.

“Adopt-a-grandparent aims at providing a bridge between those who feel the need to spread their loving care and those who, sadly, are in need of communication, in need of being shown love”, Farrugia told Newsbook. He added that this initiative “is not meant to cater for material goods. It will be a solace for the lonely and an enrichment for those persons, be they families, children, adults, single persons or communities, who will adopt a grandparent.”

“Missio is very happy that Newsbook.com.mt, one of Malta’s main news websites partnered with us”, said Farrugia expressing the hope that this partnership will bring a bright spark in the lives of many lonely people.

For more information one can phone  21222001 or access www.adoptgrandparent.org to register one’s interest.