Archbishop in contact with Gov to prevent expulsion of 22 children

Updated 04:28 PM

Some of whom are just 2 years old

FILE PHOTO: Archbishop Charles Scicluna, REUTERS/Rodrigo Garrido/File Photo

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Archbishop Charles Scicluna is in contact with the Government in an attempt to solve the case of the 22 children, some two years old, threatened with expulsion from Malta. The Archbishop is offering government any assistance that the Church can give.

Earlier Sunday, Archbishop Scicluna, by means of a tweet, appealed to all parishes, religious congregations and Catholic groups and societies to consider “adopting” one or more of the 22 children, mostly Serbians, by guaranteeing their funding, if need be. Some of these children are just 2 years old.

These children are threatened with expulsion from Malta by Identity Malta because their parents do not satisfy the financial requirements of a policy, which requires third-country nationals to earn €19,000 a year, as well as €3,800 extra for each child. The figures do not include bonuses or overtime.

The story about these children was broken in today’s The Sunday Times of Malta.

Shame on us – Caritas

In a post on Facebook Anthony Gatt, Director of the Church agency Caritas said that “first parents with these kids are allowed to settle to contribute to our economy and then asked to leave or to separate themselves from their children because we only want what they can give us.”

He added that while it is true that Malta is overpopulated and that this is putting pressure on our infrastructure it is, on the other hand, “inhumane to allow a family to settle only to reject a few years down the line. If the policy must be adhered to, it needs to be asserted with new foreign workers/entrants.”

He added that we used to be known for being a hospitable nation with a soul but such a decision shames Malta and the Maltese.