AD urges Ombudsman to investigate claims on Malta-Gozo Tunnel

A letter was written to the Ombudsman, Anthony Mifsud, to open an investigation into the Malta-Gozo underwater tunnel following claims made by Transport Minister Ian Borg. Alternattiva Demokratika’s chairman Carmel Cacopardo wrote to the Ombudsman on Wednesday to draw his attention on to claims made Borg and to take the necessary steps.

In his letter, Cacopardo explained that Borg announced that within the next six months a tender would be issued on the Malta-Gozo underwater tunnel. Cacopardo further explained that to date, only the terms of reference on the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) required were concluded and that the study was yet to be conducted.

Cacopardo described the declaration by Minister Borg as disrespectful towards the Environment and Resource Authority and a clear indication of lack of good governance. According to the AD’s chairman this was a clear sign that EIAs were considered to be irrelevant and their outcomes were not taken into consideration when it came to decision making.