AD proposes an electoral system reform as one of its proposals

DOI – Reuben Piscopo

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

The electoral system should be reformed, Alternattiva Demokratika – The Green Party proposed in a document containing 31 proposals.

A delegation consisting of party Chairperson Carmel Cacopardo, Deputy Chairperson Mario Mallia, Secretary General Ralph Cassar and executive committee members Donal Kelly and Mina Tolu paid a courtesy visit to President George Vella.

In its document, AD put forward a total of 31 proposals, among which is an overhaul in the electoral system suggesting that it would be more representative.

The party argued that it is crucial that the electoral system is reformed, to allow representatives of small parties enter parliament. AD argued that the “trouble” the country is in, boils down to how representatives are elected in parliament. Proposing an amendment to Article 52 of the Constitution, AD explained the rationale behind their proposal.

An electoral system reform would move away from the current bipartisan system which has developed over the years. AD added that proportion should be always ensured, while the threshold to enter parliament should be lowered to 2.58% of valid votes on first count. The percentage according to AD is equivalent to two out of 78 quotas shared on thirteen districts which are provided for by our current system.

The Green Party argued that this would mean that parliament would reflect better the votes cast during a general election.

The party’s main proposals include the strengthening of parliamentary democracy, the appointment and responsibilities of the President of the Republic, religion in the Constitution, the constitutional right of propositive referenda among others.

AD also proposed that the text for the agreed and reformed constitution is put to a vote in a referendum.