Action plan promoting walking, cycling and public transport launched

Launch of the ‘Slow Streets’ action plan

Minister for the National Heritage, the Arts and Local Government José Herrera and Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects Ian Borg address a press conference organised by the Local Council Association

The Slow Streets initiative organised by the Local Council Association is an action plan to ensure that mobility within communities is safe, sustainable, healthy and efficient.

Minister for Local Government José Herrera and Minister for Transport, Ian Borg launched the initiative on Wednesday.

The Local Council Association, in collaboration with Transport Malta, will be working together with a number of local councils on this action plan in order to promote walking, cycling and public transport, in parallel with other educational campaigns to avoid unnecessary travel.

As part of Slow Streets, local councils in coordination with Transport Malta will be temporarily closing a number of streets to traffic, which will result in additional free and unencumbered open public space and priority will be given to pedestrians and bicycles for essential travel.

Following the temporary pedestrianisation, the local council will study the degree of pedestrianisation it should implement according to the locality, street and the needs of the residents.

Herrera stated that the aim is to enable more citizens to effectively move through our cities and towns in a secure manner to feel safe walking around, use more public transport and use greener and healthier options as modes of transport such as bicycles. while also stating that as a minister responsible for local government, the ministry will be issuing various schemes and funds in order to continue building on such an important initiative.

Minister Borg commended the 42 local councils which came forward to participate in this initiative and encouraged others to do the same for their residents.

Borg said that the local councils’ vision, for a better quality of life, which amongst other priorities included sustainable mobility was presented way back in October.