ACR calls for frequent testing in residential homes

The Associaton for Consumer Rights said that while it supports the safety measures and regulations that are being carried out by the Government and is grateful for all the sacrifices being undertaken by all the management, care and medical staff in private, church and government residential homes, it believes that there should be frequent testing for Covid-19 being carried out in these homes.

According to ACR, “Once symptomatic conditions surface, this situation may be too late for elderly persons.” It urged the Government to further monitor on a continuous basis the health condition of the mentioned elderly and careworkers.

The ACR is a Maltese NGO which aims to raise awareness on consumer rights and on matters causing concern to Maltese consumers. It issued a press release in which it expressed its appreciation towards the measures being taken by those who offer lodging to the managers, medical personnel, carers and staff of these homes to remain there after their working hours and not return to their families for the rest of the day and night in an effort to minimize the risk of contagion, apart from the social activities through mobile and other technological devices that are being carried out to keep up the morale of the residents.

The three persons who lost their life to coronavirus in Malta were all elders: a 92 year old woman, a 79 year old man and an 84 year old man.

The association insisted that all managers, medical personnel, carers and staff in private, church and government homes are to be provided with the proper protective gear to protect others and themselves and should also be regularly tested since physical distancing is difficult to apply to persons who are dependent on others’ support.

It also mentioned that the authorities should always include coronavirus cases and deaths happening in care institutions in their reports on the pandemic and not consider Covid-19 related deaths in nursing homes as “normal” or “unavoidable”.

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