Watch: Archbishop Scicluna meets French ambassador following Notre Dame disaster

Archbishop Charles Scicluna described the meeting that he had with the French ambassador for Malta Brigette Curmi as extremely touching. He met the ambassador at the French embassy in Valletta to express his solidarity following the fires that enveloped and destroyed a large part of the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris on Monday.

The Archbishop told that he is relaying the solidarity of the Maltese catholic community. He also explained how everyone has been affected and shocked with what happened. He also added that the he presented a small contribution to the ambassador to be added to the fund instituted on Monday by the French president Emmanuel Macron to help repair and rebuild the much loved and symbolic world heritage site.

Rebuilding anew over the ashes

Archbishop Scicluna said that when a house of God is being built, italso builds a community of friendship and solidarity. He also said that the beauty that was synonymous to the cathedral was all a product of singleness of purpose, and that with the rebuilding of the cathedral the community will also rebuild itself and through unity and regeneration.