Accused of contacting 15 year old after allegedly abusing her


Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

A man who was freed from arrest after being accused that he abused a girl when she was 15 years old is now being accused of trying to contact her again once his sentence was issued. The man is 25 years old and is residing in Ħamrun.

The Police Inspector stated that after the accused was freed from arrest, the Police received some information saying that he is trying to contact her again. The girl’s grandfather told the Court that on the 20th of July, she left her house to run an errand; yet he saw her going into a van. Her grandfather said that although he recognised the accused. When he saw the man started the van and taking off, he immediately went to the Police. According to the girl’s grandfather, the accused used to threaten her he would kill her if she left him.

The girl’s mother explained that she found out that her daughter had a mobile which she was using to contact the accused. When the mother confronted her daughter, the girl broke into tears and insisted that he would not stop annoying her.

The girl herself told the Court that while the accused was in prison, he used to talk to her two times a day. When he told her that he would be leaving prison, she went to his house were they talked for an hour. She added that she had told her mother she would be running an errand. Her mother allegedly went knocking on the accused’s door that day, yet the girl hid so that her mother wouldn’t see her.

The accused wanted to meet again the following day so that they compromise and sort the situation out. They are believed to have met next to a bypass. Her grandfather is believed to have seen them meet.

The accused did not ask to be freed from arrest.