Accidents happen every day; please donate blood – NBTU

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

The National Blood Transfusion Unit (NBTU) said that there is need for more blood donations as accidents happen every day.

The NBTU, with the Accident and Emergency Department at Mater Dei Hospital and the entities falling under the responsibility of the Road Safety Council are appealing to the general public to be more wary and respect road and traffic regulations whilst driving.

Whilst the unit is thanking all those who donate blood on a weekly basis, it is also urging others to take the opportunity to donate blood at the following addresses:

The Blood Donation Centre in Gwardamangia which is open every day (public holidays included) between 8am and 6pm;

The Xewkija Health Centre will be accepting blood donations on Sunday the 1st of September from 8am till 1pm;

The Mobile Blood Donation Unit which will be at Saqqajja in Rabat on Sunday the 1st of September from 8.30am till 1pm.

The Blood Donation Unit is also reminding those who wish to donate blood to eat and drink before their donation and to have with them and identification document.