Academics sign statement on climate change; Urge for swift action Min An

65 academics from the University of Malta have signed a statement in support of the Future/Climate Strike movement, saying that in their call for action for climate justice, young people deserve our respect and full support.

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In their statement, the academics observed that while youth in Malta have urged politicians to take serious action about climate change, Malta will fail to meet the climate protection targets it has set for itself for 2020.

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The statement which builds on the initiative of scientists for future, the academics said that the students are right to demand that society should prioritize sustainability and especially climate action without further hesitation. They warned against inaction and said that science supported their concerns.

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The academics stated that they feel it is their social responsibility to point out the consequences of inadequate action. Further they urged for swift and consistent action by which climate change can be limited, mass extinction of animal and plant species halted, thus preserving the natural basis for life and creating a future worth living for present and future generations.