“Abela undermining Fearne’s authority is unwarranted” – Cassola


    Independent candidate and former Chairperson of Alternattiva Demokratika, Arnold Cassola said that Prime Minister’s behaviour during an interview aired on TVM during the news bulletin was appalling.

    On Friday, Prime Minister Robert Abela stated that the measure which will come into force today is not “lockdown” for the elderly or vulnerable individuals. “We are not locking people inside,” said Abela.

    However, on Thursday, Deputy Prime Minister and Health Minister Chris Fearne insisted that a lockdown for vulnerable people was necessary.

    In a statement, Arnold Cassola said that for the Prime Minister to use prime time on television to undermine his health minister’s instructions and authority is not on.

    “This will today lead to business as usual attitude by the people that might prove fatal for our country,” Cassola said.

    Arnold Cassola stated that in such critical times for our country, decisions should be taken by serious professionals and not according to the prevailing mood of voters.