“Abela is not ashamed to declare continuity” – Delia

Updated 04:47 PM

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Partit Nazzjonalista and Opposition leader Adrian Delia said that Malta will not have a new Prime Minister in the coming days, but another Prime Minister, an appendix of the Joseph Muscat. This as Robert Abela declared that continuity is the keyword of his mandate.

“It is not my place” – Muscat
“It is not my place” – Muscat

Addressing the country on Sunday, Delia explained that the country’s administration had to provide new blood to lead the country. This after the people have democratically declared that they wanted a change.

In his charged address, Delia also Delia said Malta has never suffered as much damage as under Joseph Muscat. He also admonished Muscat for not recognising the serious situation in his last speech on Friday.

Delia said that it is “shameful” and “pitiful” that Muscat basically told his successor to keep milking the cow.

‘I’m sure nothing will change,’ – Delia
‘I’m sure nothing will change,’ – Delia

Adrian Delia and his party are demanding that the new Prime Minister removes Konrad Mizzi from the Partit Laburista parliamentary group, and fires the Attorney General Peter Grech, the Police Commissioner Lawrence Cutajar and the Principal Permanent Secretary Mario Cutajar.

A new Attorney General needs to be elected by a two-thirds majority so as not to repeat the mistakes done in the past.

The Opposition is also insisting on transparency, accountability, meritocracy, as well as the publication of the Electrogas and Vitals accounts.

Delia stressed that the new Administration needs to respect the rules and regulations of the country without inputting any partisan interests. He explained that the Public Service is there to serve the people and not the Executive.

Further details to follow.