“Abela has lost control over the pandemic” – PN

Bernard Grech
Miguela Xuereb

The Nationalist Party (PN) has stated that Prime Minister (PM) Robert Abela has lost control over the pandemic and has no plan.

The party went on to outline that Abela failed to rest the minds of teachers, students and parents with a plan for schools, as well as the mind of business owners and employees with a strategy to ensure that Christmas is still on. He also failed to rest the minds of the vulnerable shut up at home.

According to the PN, Abela continues to shift blame to other parties, despite the high number of cases and deaths. He wishes to rest minds by saying that the current situation is a result of different circumstances from the first wave of the virus.

The party concluded its statement by saying that not only has it constructed an action team, but has also asked for a parliamentary debate next Tuesday.