Abela ‘has become Delia’s lawyer,’ 19 PN MPs charge

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Prime Minister Robert Abela has effectively become embattled Nationalist Party leader Adrian Delia’s defence lawyer, as it was in his interest to retain him as Opposition Leader, the 19 members of the parliamentary group who voted against Delia last Tuesday said.

In a reaction to Abela’s Sunday sermon to the party faithful, the group of 19 said that it was confirmation, if any was needed, that it was crucial for Labour to retain Delia as leader of the PN and of the opposition at all costs. It also accused the PM of seeking to influence the President in his decision over who gets to act as Opposition Leader in the wake of last Tuesday’s no-confidence vote.

“The Labour Party, with its representatives and its media, has been doing its utmost to defend Adrian Delia in the past three years. It has stepped up its efforts in recent days, after the courageous and necessary step taken by an absolute majority of the PN parliamentary group,” the group said.

The MPs and MEPs said that their position was clear; that the President should act in accordance with the constitution as highlighted by former European Court of Human Rights Judge Giovanni Bonello, Faculty of Laws dean Kevin Aquilina and lawyer Austin Bencini: “to move Adrian Delia from the position of Leader of the Opposition and in his stead appoint a person who enjoys the trust of the majority of the PN parliamentary group: Therese Comodini Cachia.”

PL insists it has no stake in PN leadership struggle

The Labour Party rejected the MPs’ assertions, claiming that their statement had been pre-prepared and that had they actually listened to Abela, they would know that it made no difference to the party whoever ended up on top in the Opposition.

It claimed that “serenity and stability” ruled in Malta, and that the only internal battle that existed was within the Nationalist Party.

“It brought it upon itself, and it alone must solve it,” Labour said.