Abela charismatic; Fearne wins social media – PL delegate

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

In the opinion of a delegate of the Partit Laburista who spoke to Newsbook.com.mt on condition of confidentiality, during the leadership campaign, Dr Robert Abela emerged as the charismatic person with extraordinary oratory skills. On the other hand, he added, Deputy Prime Minister Chris Fearne had a better social media strategy than Abela and consequently was the clear winner of the two. However, he suspects that Fearne could have had the help of a foreign entity in structuring that campaign.

The full interview follows:

Abela more charismatic

Newsbook.com.mt: Who do you think was the more charismatic of the two candidates?

PL delegate: The PL leadership contest has exposed some explicit differences between the two candidates with Robert Abela emerging as the charismatic person with extraordinary oratory skills swooning his audience with his vernacular language. This heaped pressure on his undaunted opponent who apparently had to resort to audacious social media campaigns.

Fearne wins social media campaign

Newsbook.com.mt: Who, do you think was the winner of the social media campaign?

PL delegate: The social media strategies adopted by the two contenders revealed the respective strategic capabilities, with Fearne being a clear winner. 

Newsbook.com.mt: Why do you think so?

PL delegate: Whereas Abela embarked on a generalist campaign unmoored from the voter-base, Fearne’s campaign was evidently weaved as narrowed-focused on the eligible voters for this particular closed-shop election. Abela might have found solace in watching his general engagement on social media being consistently on the high-end with Fearne outsmarting him by engaging his astounding social media “war” on the real “war terrain”.  While surveying eligible voters, we could detect the consistent, persistent and subtle targeting coercing such voters on social media by Fearne’s campaign.

Foreign interference?

Newsbook.com.mt: But do you think that such a short campaign could have made a difference?

PL delegate:  You are mistaken. This campaign has apparently been ongoing for weeks and months before the official election started. Fearne’s social media campaign was unfettered by the laws of glove punching which should boon his chances at the polls. 

Newsbook.com.mt: Who do you think was behind Fearne’s campaign?

PL delegate: One wonders whether any organisation in Malta would have been able to launch such a targetted spot-on targeted social media campaign.  While it cannot be considered as a transgression, one could ask whether this is another example of engaging a foreign entity in Maltese politics or worse a foreign state.  This requires elucidation as asserted by some twitchy voters.

The two leadership contenders will face the party ballot in a week’s time.