A4E urges government to transpose Work Life Balance directive

Pexels.com / Maria Lindsey

The Association for Equality (A4E) urged the government to move towards the swift transposition of the Work Life Balance directive in a statement on Saturday. The Association welcomed the new European Directive which seeks to grant fathers 10 days paternity leave and which was EMPL’s responsibility, the main European Parliament committee of which Head of Delegation and PN MEP David Casa was lead negotiator.

The Association further hoped that the payment burden would not fall on the shoulders of employers but should be taken as an investment in families by government, especially when taken “in a context of falling birth rates, which are below the replacement rate”.

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Speaking about the ten day paternity leave granted through the new EU directive, A4E described this as the “least” that fathers should be granted.

The Association commended the step taken to ensure that two out of the four months parental leave granted will now be paid, saying that it would encourage more fathers to share their parental leaves with their mother.

A4E also noted that the new rules were aimed to strengthen the right of all parents and carers to request flexible working arrangements and the five days carer’s leave granted.