A record number of fines for groups of more than 3

A record number of fines has been issued today for people being in groups of more than 3 persons. 124 persons were fined €100 each.

This news comes just a day before Malta will commence on its journey towards the new normal, as a number of non-essential shops will reopen tomorrow, including clothing stores, shoe stores, perfumery shops and flower stores. The law courts will also open tomorrow, however, the authorities have insisted on precautionary measures being taken nonetheless to maintain social distancing.

One of these measures obliges people to wear face masks when entering shops and commercial establishments. Shops also have to impose a limit on the number of persons allowed inside at a time.

Another measure being amended as from tomorrow is the one which restricts people to going out in groups of not more than 3. As from tomorrow, people will be allowed to be in groups of 4, but not more.

No one was found breaching obligatory quarantine in the 309 inspections done by Environmental Health Officers and police in the past 24 hours.

The authorities’ appeal remains that everyone should act responsibly and cooperate with the directives being issued.

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