A ray of sunshine on 103

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

103 Malta’s Heart started the schedule with a bang as its morning tour de force started the day with what one of the listeners described as “a ray of sunshine on a grey day”.

Ron Briffa and Jes Saliba started the day off at 06:00h with the breakfast show. This is a two-hour session designed to introduce the listener as painlessly as possible to the day. ” We all creak and groan in the morning but with us, at least, you will not hear the creaking and the groaning,” said the jovial Ron as, full of beans, he came out of the studio at the end of his programme. “I got so many messages, I was really amazed,” he added with his usual 1000 megawatt smile.

If Ron could hang up his headphones for the day, Jes Saliba had another 4 hours to go. Jes is the link between 103 Breakfast and 103 Morning Show. Throughout the morning, Jes keeps the listeners updated on the latest news and current affairs. “I do what I love and I love what I do,” said Jes. His work on 103 is particularly taxing since, as he described, he has to be fully alert the minute he wakes up, explaining that his morning routine includes surfing the major news sites around the world and seeing what our listeners may be interested in during the morning.

And the messages started pouring in:


…Arthur Caruana who has practically been sleeping at 103 to make sure that everything is seamless, went about marshalling his troops for the Morning Show. Arthur’s idea for the morning show was based on research carried out on the habits and inclinations of the Maltese in the morning hours. “The listeners are on the move so we cannot give out heavy stuff, the kind of stuff that you cannot miss out parts. We have packaged the show into the length of an average drive or coffee break with music, information, news and discussion in that space. It is like having a program made out of mini-programs,” explained Arthur.