A number of flights delayed

A number of Air Malta flights were either delayed or postponed.

The affected flights are:

  • KM 183 from London to Malta; delayed by three hours
  • KM 4438 from Malta to Lourdes; delayed by almost three hours
  • KM 117 from London to Malta delayed by one hour and a half
  • KM 659 from Comiso to Malta delayed by almost three hours
  • KM 658 from Malta to Comiso delayed by almost 45 minutes

KM 478 from Malta to Paris will be delayed by an hour. KM 421 from Brussells to Malta, KM 4439 from Lourdes to Malta, and KM 103 from London to Malta will be delayed as well.

The reason behind the delays is not yet known. Newsbook.com.mt tried contacting a spokesperson for the airlines however no reply was forthcoming by the time of writing.

Let us know if your flight was either delayed or postponed on info@newsbook.com.mt or by commenting beneath the article.