“A mother dreams about frozen embryos but does not know how to save them”

Bishop of Gozo Mario Grech, said he knew about parents who have frozen embryos and feel that they have abandoned their own children. He said a specific mother told him she was dreaming about her frozen embryos but sees no solution on “how to get her children out of this prison”.

During his homily at Gharb’s National Shrine of Our Lady of Ta’ Pinu, Mgr. Grech said it is a very positive thing that married couples are open to life.

He said this during a blessing celebration of the unborn child.

“I confess that sometimes I felt overwhelmed when I see the happiness of parents being informed that they will have a baby” said Mgr. Grech. He added that on the other hand it is not easy to comfort a mother who loses her unborn child. He also stressed that he understands the sorrow of couples suffering with infertility while explaining that besides this sorrow, “the gossip of other people can create a sense of outrage.”

Bishop Grech called upon scientists to continue doing research to help these couples. He said that solutions must also respect human life.