Watch: “A message of friendship, loyalty, hope and perseverance”

For this programme in‘s new book-related series Between the Lines, Coryse Borg interviews local author Kirsten Spiteri, who has been writing since he was in primary school.

Spiteri was the winner of the Young-Adult Category of the 2017 London Book Festival with his first novel, The Wave. 

His latest novel, In the Land of Marigolds, deals with a paralysed boy who dreams of escaping the Mater Dei hospital wards with all his friends. They are all severely ill, depending on others for care, and dreaming of a better place inspires them to escape together.

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Spiteri is currently writing his next book, which will be in Maltese.

His books – The Wave, In the Land of Marigolds and Far from Home are published by Faraxa Publishing. More information may be obtained from Faraxa’s website or Facebook page.

Filming: Malcolm Agius

Editing: Coryse Borg