Watch: A Maltese Archbishop shares heart felt experience of Covid-19

Fr Joe Borg interviews Archbishop George Frendo

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

The Maltese Archbishop of Tirana, Albania, Mgr. George Frendo is one of the victims of Covid-19. His grave condition needed the attention of medical professionals in two different hospitals in two different countries as well as a long period of strict quarantine.

Archbishop Frendo was interviewed by Fr Joe Borg for Newsbook Q&A. He will share his experience in a programme that will be broadcast on today Thursday at 5.00pm.

Archbishop Frendo will answer, among others, the following questions:

  • How serious was his condition?
  • Was he afraid of dying?
  • Did Covid-19 leave long term effects on his heath?
  • How did he pass his time during quarantine?
  • What is his favourite prayer?

Archbishop Frendo is the head of the Conference of the Albanian Bishops. Fr Joe Borg asked him also about the Church in Albania and his role.

  • You frequently speak of socio-political subjects. How do the people and the media react to your speeches?
  • What role does the Church play to help the poor in Albania?
  • Do you expect Catholics, who are a minority, to play an important political role?
  • Is the Catholic Church ignored because it is a minority Church?

Those who wish to financially help the Church in Albania can either contact Archbishop Frendo on

or deposit their contribution on APS account number 2000051220-5

Archbishop Frendo’s interview with Fr Joe Borg will be broadcast on today Thursday at 5.00pm.