A labour of love – ‘The Pin and the Tin’

Children’s author Florina Silvio is from Pakistan but she has made Malta her home for the past 15 years or so. In that time, she has also learnt to speak Maltese.

She started writing – in English – to help her son Zack learn to read when he was younger. Because Zack was learning phonetically at the time, she decided to make her books easy to read, with rhyming words. Hence, ‘The Pin and the Tin’ was born.

Zack and Diego

“I write books for my son to help him read. That’s why I am so passionate about them because I wrote them with so much love,” she told Newsbook.com.mt.

The protagonist of the book is her fluffy Persian cat Diego whom she rescued from her roof a few years ago. In the book, his name is ‘Finn’ (to rhyme with ‘tin’ and pin’).

More information about Florina and her books may be found on her Facebook page.

The video contains an excerpt from a recent interview with Frederick Zammit on RTK radio.