A haunting at Fort St Elmo

While many old buildings give out creepy sensations and some, such as Fort Manoel, are reputedly haunted, this evening an apparition will surely take place at Fort St Elmo.

Minima music will be performing live music to the classic silent movie ‘The Phantom of the Opera’. Gaston Leroux’s epic novel which harkens on natural fears of the unknown and the romantic, was penned in 1910 and the 1925 version starring Lon Chaney in the title role, gave a ghastly face to the disfigured phantom. Chaney had devised the make-up himself and, quite possibly is the nearest to the ‘skull like face with a few wisps of black hair’ which Leroux envisaged. Reports of fainting females when love-interest Christine Daée pulls his mask off were carried in contemporary newspapers. This was long before the hauntingly beautiful music of Andrew Lloyd Webber. Now, Minima music ensemble will give it their unmistakable touch.

The show will be Thursday 5th at Fort St Elmo and booking is recommended.

Minima: The Phantom of the Opera from Minima Music on Vimeo.