A flexible study option to suit your busy lifestyle

Study at your own pace by joining the University of Malta’s Programme in the Liberal Arts & Science.

Holding down a full-time job and thinking of studying part-time? Does parenting take up most of your time but you would love to further your personal development? Have a knack for the liberal arts but need to progress with studies at your own pace due to daily commitments?

The University of Malta’s Programme in the Liberal Arts & Sciences is an innovative and flexible study option that will suit your busy lifestyle. Following its initial success in bringing higher education to today’s students, the Centre for Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS) within the University of Malta is accepting applications for its upcoming second semester, starting on 6 February, 2020.

As a prospective student, this flexible study option is characterised by a number of advantages that will suit your busy lifestyle.

There is no fixed programme of studies because you get to choose your own from the range of units being offered. This semester, it amounts to 22 varied units, such as (1) Sustainable Development: Understanding the ifs and the buts, (2) Under the Waves: Our Sea in Focus, (3) Il-Malti, il-bieraħ u llum. U għada?, (4) Consumer Rights and Protection, and (5) Ideas and Business Venturing.

Lectures are held in the evening between 6.00 and 8.00 pm on the Main Campus in Msida.

The method of assessment for each unit is not by examination, but by assignment, giving you the opportunity to dedicate time to your studies at your own leisure.

If you happen to know of someone who would love to join but perhaps lacks the resources, and would like to give them the gift of flexible studying in Malta, the centre also offers a voucher option.

“We have structured this course in a way that is convenient to those who aspire to reach greater heights but haven’t yet had the opportunity to immerse themselves into something that interests them while giving them an added value in life. After all, everyone deserves the benefit of adding on to their knowledge,” said Prof. David Mifsud, Director of CLAS.

More information can be obtained from the official website, via email or phone call during student hours. Applications are being received until the 28th January, 2020.

This content was supplied by the University of Malta