‘A Family Affair’ – Bishop Elect interviewed ahead of ordination

Bishop Elect Joseph Galea-Curmi said that his background of a politically chequered family taught him to do the right thing, work for the common good, but always within the parameters of respect for the persons involved.

In this first of a four-part interview with Newsbook.com.mt’s Fr Joe Borg, Mgr Galea Curmi talks and reminisces about his family:

  • He talks of the meticulousness of his father, Paul, an archetypal civil servant of the old school
  • He twinkles about the generosity of his mother, Josette, who worked unstintingly for the poor and who would have warned him that “ these days it’s not even worth being leader of an ant colony”
  • His relations with his godfather and uncle, former Prime Minister Karmenu Mifsud Bonnici during the Church School Crisis
  • Why the date of his ordination, the 4th August is memorable for him

Visuals: Ian Noel Pace