Watch: “PN losing popularity for many reasons; it is time to unite” – Grech

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

“The Nationalist Party has been losing its popularity not just because of Adrian Delia but for many reasons. The facts are there, survey after survey, the PN does not register any progress. Right now the PN needs to unite more than ever,” stated Bernard Grech in his interview with Prof. Andrew Azzopardi on 103 Malta’s Heart.

Again Bernard Grech denied that there was some sort of a deal to persuade MP Therese Comodini Cachia or MEP Roberta Metsola, to not enter the leadership race. Grech explained that during the process there were times when it was him to took a step back but ultimately it was decided that it would be best if there would be not more than two candidates to contest the leadership election.

Prof. Andrew Azzopardi asked Grech why he had failed to submit his tax returns and pay his tax on time. Dr Grech said that he has now paid all due payments and said that most of the payments, around €30,000 were paid when he had every right to contest those payments but chose to settle them.

Prof. Azzopardi asked Dr Grech if he agrees with the PN leader Adrian Delia who said that he would be ready to take disciplinary actions against those MPs, namely MP Jason Azzopardi, who have been working against him, Grech said that with his way of doing politics for sure he would not be faced with that kind of situation. Bernard Grech said that as PN leader he would summon the PN’s parliamentary group on a regular basis to settle any pending issues.

When asked about abortion, Bernard Grech said he already made his position very clear that is is against it. Grech said that this is a sensitive issue because we are discussing a person’s life before this person is even born.

PN leadership hopeful Dr Bernard Grech earlier this month said he would be ready to resign if under his helm as Prime Minister of Malta, abortion would be on the Parliamentary agenda after a national referendum would have taken place.

Dr Grech had explained that on this matter the situation is still unlear but what is for sure is that he is and will remain against abortion.

During his interview on 103, Bernard Grech said that if he was in favour of abortion then he would have not considered contesting for the PN leadership as the party’s position is pro-life.