A cruel start for Bella the puppy

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Christmas usually means that people try to be better versions of themselves – but this is certainly not the case for the heartless people who abandoned this puppy.

The Association for Abandoned Animals have had another doggy arrival; the puppy was found dumped in Marsa in a box with her own feaces, trembling from cold and hunger, and so dirty that flies were all over her.

“A puppy but already a skeleton. Not acceptable and not ok. What a shame that animals are passing from this maltreatment. We are going to name her Bella, this tiny fragile puppy who already suffered so much. Sweet Bella. She is now safe, we wiped her down, gave her deworm and fed her. Vet will see her soon. Her trembling stopped and hopefully she will be better,” the AAA posted on Facebook.

If you would like to give a donation to the AAA, you may do so as follows: Paypal:Info@aaamalta.comORSend an sms on:50617350 €2.33 50618060 €4.66 50618910 €6.99 50619200 €11.66 or Revolut 79730921.