A Catholic Culture but lost beliefs – Bishop Mario Grech

“Many times we are still attached to religious practices that have lost all their significance in contemporary society.  There is still a religious format but no lived experience.”  Bishop Mario Grech was addressing participants of the Diocesan Pilgrimage to the Holy Land.

While he was speaking on Mount Carmel, in Israel the Bishop reminded the faithful of new experience of God on Mount Carmel. He recounted how Elijah was so saddened by the manner with which the Jews had lost interest in God and in those in need that he left the community to find refuge in the Gherit valley in Mount Carmel.

Bishop Grech spoke of how Elijah’s experiences are relevant to today’s ecclesiastical community. In this context he made his remark that many in our Islands kept religious practices and ritual that have lost their significance. He remarked that while there was a Catholic culture, this was not evidence of Catholic beliefs, arguing that he was not surprised that many were looking for God’s presence away from the Church institution.