A birthday present for others, please

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Archbishop Charles J Scicluna will turn 61 on Friday 15th May. Following the successful initiative undertaken last year, donations are again being solicited in aid of persons in need. A message doing the social media rounds is encouraging readers to donate to persons in need, particularly in these times of hardship caused by the COVID-19 virus. “Most of us are going through hardship because of the unprecedented economic situation brought about by Covid-19 but there are always people who are worse off especially those who were in need to start with” observes the message.

The idea owes its origins to Alessandra Dee Crespo: “This week I was wondering what to get Archbishop Scicluna for his birthday. It’s always a big conundrum what present to get any bishop, let alone Archbishop Scicluna who has great taste! This conundrum grew bigger with Covid-19 and the social distancing measures that this pandemic brings with it.

“Then, as always, he led the way with his generous act of charity to Solidarity Meals. So I said to myself, that’s what I will do too. I can make a donation to his charity fund. When I saw the reaction that his donation generated among my friends and the wider public, I decided to involve them as well by posting it on Facebook. It is often said that acts of charity should not be publicized but when it inspires others to copy you then it’s legitimate.

“I am sure that Archbishop Scicluna didn’t make his donation public so we will all say what a good man he is. He did it so we will follow his example. I am but picking up the baton he passed on to us”.

These donations may be submitted on https://church.mt/donate-to-the-church/