A 12 point Catholic manifesto for EP elections

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Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

A manifesto presenting 12 guiding principles that Catholic voters should look for in selecting their preferred candidates for the upcoming European Parliament elections was published the Cana Movement and Catholic Voices Malta.

Respect for human dignity, subsidiarity and life from conception to its natural end as well as support for young families and the right of parents to educate their children are some of the principles proposed. Importance is also given to the need of a renewed effort to find effective and shared solutions concerning migration, asylum, integration and demography.
Voters are being encouraged to exercise their rights and question candidates on these 12 important issues that will define their personal engagement at a European level once elected.

The initiative is supported by the Commission for Justice and Peace of the Archdiocese of Malta

A European not a local contest

Catholic Voices Malta and the Cana Movement say that since the European Parliament elections are not a local electoral contest but a European one they should not be perceived as a vote of trust or distrust in a Party in Government or some Party in Opposition. Voters are advised that their vote though cast for individual candidates and local political parties will also be cast for European political groups that will shape Europe’s values, policies and actions.

As a consequence voters should discern the extent to which the candidates, local political parties and the European political Group they will form part of in their manifestos reflect the values and policies that we aspire to see shaping the European Union of tomorrow.
Basic principles.

Europe needs to rediscover its common identity and be protective of persons, families, and cultures, especially the poor and most vulnerable, says the manifesto. The need for MEPs that promote the founding values of the EU and are committed towards human dignity for all, subsidiarity and active citizen engagement is given importance.

Cana and Catholic Voices say that families and demography need to be placed at the centre of mainstream European politics, especially young families.

“We need MEPs that promote and protect life from conception to its natural end, that address the needs of the poorest and most vulnerable and foster a culture of integral ecology. We also need MEPs that work towards a renewed effort to find effective and shared solutions concerning migration, asylum, integration and demography”, says the document signed by Dr. Arthur Galea Salamone – Chairman Cana Movement, Tonio Fenech – Coordinator Catholic Voices Malta and Daniel Darmanin – President Commission for Justice and Peace.

The full manifesto can be accessed by clicking here.