Updated: 99 more migrants disembarked in Malta; 370 migrants in total today

REUTERS/Darrin Zammit Lupi

A further group of 99 migrants have been rescued and disembarked in Malta today, AFM has told Newsbook.com.mt.

The NGO Alarmphone had tweeted this morning that they had contacted the Maritime Rescue and Coordination Centre in Malta about what was first believed to have been 75 people in distress.

AFM’s spokewoman clarified that this number was actually 99 people.

They explained that the migrants had been picked up by an AFM patrol boat and disembarked in Malta at around 3PM this afternoon.  No details are known about their condition, demographics or countries or origin.

This rescue and disembarkation follows an early morning arrival of 271 men, women and children rescued by AFM patrol boats.

Updated: Over 200 migrants disembarked in Malta today

A source speaking to Newsbook.com.mt explained that those disembarked today were in generally good physical condition. They added that the majority of those rescued had originated from Sudan and Eritrea along with a number of other nationalities including Bangladeshis.