850 yachts added to shipping registry – Minister Borg

Malta’s shipping registry saw an increase of 850 yachts, or 7% over 2019, said Minister Ian Borg, during a press conference announcing the advancements made by Malta’s maritime sector.   

“During last year, the government kept on stressing its policy to strengthen the Maltese shipping register and bring further quality operators to the services offered by Malta”, declared the Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects. 

New courses launched  

Minister Borg announced the launch of new courses that will address the superyacht industry needs.   

“We are pleased to announce that a number of courses have been developed for the yacht industry both locally and internationally. In this way we will continue to make Malta a centre of excellence in terms of maritime training for such an important industry”, said Minister Ian Borg.  

The new courses will offer new opportunities to future generations stated Minister Ian Borg. He also thanked all officials and employees of the Merchant Shipping Directorate for their hard work and dedication.