829 private school students are still without school transport

829 students attending private schools are still awaiting school transport arrangements as the Ministry for Education is still on the lookout for additional transport operators to cater for all the students eligible to free transport.

Frank Fabri Permanent Secretary within the Ministry for Education explained how the numbers on the waiting list is decreasing by the day. Minister for Education Evarist Bartolo said that it would be unprofessional of him to say that he is certain that all the students will have free transport by a particular date.


Supervision will be introduced on board the buses and minibuses catering for state kindergarten pupils. Minister Bartolo also told Newsbook.com.mt that supervision will eventually be rolled out to cater for all the kindergarten pupils attending all the schools included i the scheme. For the time being he sees no issue with private school parents may appoint a person to supervise their young ones.

State Schools

Frank Fabri stated that there is an increase of 1,500 students from the last scholastic year which will be using the transport services making the grand total of around 14,000 students.

He also stated that parents sending their children to state schools have already been advised on pick up points and routes their children will be taking to and from their school.

Mobile application

From December parents will be able to receive notifications as soon as their children will board and disembark from the transport vehicles through a mobile application that may be downloaded for free