8 NGOs struck off NGO register

Photo by Mica Asato from Pexels

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Eight non-governmental organisations have been stricken off the register after they repeatedly failed at regulating their position at law.

The notice was published in the Government Gazette on Friday, informing the public that the Commissioner for Voluntary Organisations issued a cancellation order dated 14 August whereby it cancelled eight organisations for all intents and purposes of the law.

The eight NGOs in question are Life Resources Foundation (VO/0244), Malta Human Rights Commission (NGO) (VO/0430), European Foundation for Freedom (VO/0469), Malta International Crisis Centre (VO/0526), Association of the Dynastic Orders of the Royal Imperial House of Obrenovitch (VO/0731), Selmun Residents Association (VO/1281), Foundation Live Today (VO/1414) and the Women’s International Shipping and Trading Association Malta (WISTA MALTA) (VO/1067).

In a formal notice, the Commissioner said that these organisations were formally and repeatedly requested to regulate their position at law. However the organisations remained in default till the day of publishing.

The Commissioner for Voluntary Organisations exhausted all that is required before cancelling the organisations from the NGO register.

According to the Voluntary Organisations Act, the commissioner is empowered to issue a suspension or a cancellation of enrolment of a voluntary organisation under article 13(5).

Any person who is in possession of the Certificate of Enrolment of the listed NGOs is formally required to return such certificate to the Commissioner for Voluntary Organisations. This has to be done within fifteen days of the notice.

Failure to return the certificate shall make a person liable on conviction to a fine of €232.94 and a fine of €11.65 for every day of default.

Individuals who are in possession of any type, belonging to or held on behalf of the mentioned NGOs are to communicate with the Office of the Commissioner for Voluntary Organisations via email on legal.cvo@gov.mt.