8 months imprisonment for filing false report in Gozo

A woman was sentenced to eight months imprisonment after filing a false police report in Gozo. 

The case involves a man, his partner and allegations by his ex-partner. The man had two children with his ex-partner. 

In the first court hearing, it was said that the man and his partner went to the Rabat Police station in Gozo to return his children to their mother, his ex-partner. Before leaving, the children had a disagreement over tablets they frequently use. The man and his girlfriend soon returned to the Police station, where the Police told them that a report claiming that the father’s girlfriend beat the children up was filed. 

According to the man, reports on similar allegations had already been made. At the police station, the father explained that his his girlfriend did not hit the children at any point in time. The two children had initially told the police that their father’s girlfriend hit one of them. The man said that the children made the aforementioned allegation upon their mother’s instruction while the Sergent went to bring some papers. However the Sergent denied this and said that he was present throughout. 

According to the Sergent’s affidavit, the children clarified that they were not hit by their father’s girlfriend, but rather, they hit their father’s girlfriend. Neither the police, nor the doctors found any signs of violence on the children. 

Another version 

According to the mother, the children said that they were hit by their father’s girlfriend. She said that she believed her children and spoke to the police about the case. She said that they made a mistake and that the police spoke to the children in the absence of social workers. 

The court ordered a ban on the publication of the children’s names. The mother paid the court expenses, which amounted to around €400.