77 migrants to be brought to Malta

22 will be relocated to European countries

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

77 migrants on board the humanitarian ship Alan Kurdi will be transferred to a Malta Armed Forces vessel and then brought to Malta.

In a statement issued by the Maltese Government, an agreement has been reached for the disembarkation of two NGO boats that have been in Mediterranean waters intercepting immigrants during the last few days.

The Maltese Government said that Malta, together with Italy and the European Commission, have worked on a solution based on the principle of European solidarity.

In the press statement, it was said that as a result of this agreement, the vessel Ocean Viking will enter Italian ports with more than 400 migrants on board. These migrants will then be distributed to European countries that have agreed with relocations.

Malta will then assume the responsibility of 50 of the total saved migrants whereas the rest, 27 migrants, will be distributed amongst other European countries.