73 people fined for gathering in groups of more than 3 in public

Miguela Xuereb

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

73 individuals were fined €100 each for gathering in groups of more than three individuals in public during the continuous police patrols on Friday.

The prohibition of groups of more than 3 people in public places will rise to more than 4 persons as from Monday. Groups over four individuals who are not from the same household will be liable to a fine of €100 per person.

During the inspections being carried out by the health authorities and the police around the island, no one was found breaching mandatory quarantine regulations over the past 24 hours when 354 inspections took place.

The authorities have once again appealed to the public to continue cooperating and adhering to the various instructions aimed at containing the spread of the virus within the community.

A total of 96 active cases

During a joint press conference on Friday, the authorities announced that from a total of 467 coronavirus cases registered in Malta only 96 remained active. 16 individuals fully recovered from the coronavirus. The total number of individuals that have recovered so far stood at 367 on Friday.

1,184 swab tests were carried out between Thursday and Friday, with only two cases being detected – a Gozitan who was identified through random testing and a resident at Ħal Far open centre.

A number of retail outlets which have been closed for eight weeks will re-open as from Monday, subject to a number of conditions. The list of commercial establishments includes: lotto booths, VRT testing stations, clothes and sportswear shops, jewellery shops and those of other accessories, bag and shoe shop, non-prescriptive eyewear shops, shops which sell perfumes and other beauty products (but not beauty salons and hairdressers), haberdasheries and home decoration shops, souvenir and discount shops, luggage shops, toy shops, hobby shops, furniture shops, and florists. The government will keep in effect the wage supplement for all these reopened shops.

The health authorities explained that every shop will only permit one client per 10 square meters of store space. The shops will be required to affix a sign to the shop showing the number of individuals that can enter. Hand sanitizers will have to be provided at the entrance for customers to use before entering and after exiting the shops.

In shopping malls, no more people than the total of that number of people that the individual shops are permitted to take in may enter, and every person entering must have their temperature checked. Changing rooms for clothes may not be used

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