73 BOV employees complete Women in Leadership initiative

73 Bank of Valletta (BOV) women successfully completed the Women in Leadership courses recently organized by the bank.

The two-day programme was designed exclusively for BOV women leaders. Its aim was to further enhance women’s skills and confidence to allow them to fully express their voice, their authentic power and leadership ability.

The interactive workshops, which were delivered by Jozie Devoy and Dr Tania Camilleri, provided opportunities for networking and collaboration between women coming from different areas across the bank. The workshops also generated a number of innovative ideas which the bank took on board and will soon start implementations to make them a reality.

Dr Tania Camilleri from the BOV’s Employee Development said that BOV believes in the power of women. She also added that half of the workforce is composed by women. “We believe that through such training programmes, which are aimed specifically at women, we can assist them in reaching their full potential, strengthening their natural traits and cultivate their own authentic style of leadership.”

Anthony Scicluna, BOV CO Ethics & Employee Development said that BOV takes pride in its recruitment and career advancement policy that has always been open equally to both genders based on talent and skills. He added that more women occupying middle management postions and we want them to reach the highest positions within the Bank because different ideas and perspectives help us innovate and grow further our business while meeting the needs of our diverse clientele. Organisations with non-gender balanced management teams run the risk of becoming stagnant and non-relevant to the needs of today’s society.