72.6% of the Electorate cast their votes; Schiavone forecasts a difficult day PN

Miguela Xuereb

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

72.6% of those eligible for voting cast their preferences during the European parliament elections on Saturday. This is the lowest turnout since Malta started voting in the EU Parliament elections. In 2004 the turnout was that of 82.4% whilst 2009 saw a turnout of 78.79%.

This year’s amount is also 2.2% less when compared to the numbers from the last EU Parliament of 2014 which saw a turnout of 74.8%.

The district which experienced the largest turnout were the fifth, sixth and seventh – with all seeing a turnout higher than 75%. The tenth district had the lowest turnout with 58.9%.

The locality with the highest turnout was that of Dingli with 81.29% whilst St Paul’s Bay had the lowest turnout with 31.77%.

Meanwhile, MP Hermann Schiavone said that Partit Nazzjonalista had a difficult day ahead as Partit Laburista will win with big numbers.