70% think that tablets are helpful for students – survey

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

70% of teachers and parents participating in a survey believe that the use of tablet computers has helped students in their educational progression. The survey was conducted by the National Audit Office with teachers and the parents of students receiving the tablets as part of the project One Tablet Per Child (OTPC).

One in five participating teachers said that students did not take the tablet with them to school every day. The same number of teachers said they use the tablet as part of a pre-planned activity. The study also shows that the tablets were used at the same rate in all academic subjects where the most popular applications were Mathematics and English. Half of the participating teachers also said that tablets are used during school outings.

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The study lists also some problems arising from the use of tablets in schools. Among these is the fact that students fail to bring them as requested by school or they weren’t charged at home. Other problems were related to Wi-Fi connectivity and especially in schools were the Wi-Fi is poor or operating at slow speeds.