68% want smoking bans/restrictions on beaches – NSO

68% of respondents are in favour of smoking bans/restrictions on beaches, according to an infographic published by the National Statistics Office (NSO).

The NSO has published an infographic based on the statistical findings of the single-use plastics survey carried out in July 2020 in collaboration with the Ministry for the Environment, Climate Change and Planning. This is to mark the 19th of September, World Clean-up Day.

This same infographic outlines that 63% are not aware that cigarette butts consist of single-use plastic, and that 61% are not aware the use of several single-use plastic items will be restricted from 2021 onwards.

74% of respondents identified bottles as the most purchased single-use plastic items. 52% identified containers, while 49% identified food wrappers. The respondents could choose more than one option which is why the percentage tallies up to more than 100%.

Furthermore, 63% of respondents try to avoid plastic packaging, and 91% are in favour of green corners in supermarkets.