63% of PN card-holders prefer Bernard Grech – Misco

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

A MISCO opinion poll conducted among 400 randomly selected members of the Nationalist Party demonstrates a clear preference for Bernard Grech over Adrian Delia. Almost two-thirds of the respondents preferred Grech. Also while with Delia at the helm three-quarters of respondents felt that the PN would lose the next election, a significantly lower 44% felt that this was the future under Bernard Grech’s leadership.

The poll was conducted between Friday 7th August in the afternoon and Saturday 8th August in the morning, that is after it became evident that the race for the post of leader of the Nationalist Party had become a two-horse race between Bernard Grech and Adrian Delia.

To the question: “If you had to make a choice between Adrian Delia and Bernard Grech to be the next leader of the Nationalist Party, who would you choose?”, 63% state that they would choose Bernard Grech, 17% stated that they would choose Adrian Delia and 20% did not state their choice.

Those choosing Bernard Grech, gave as reasons for their choice. He is perceived as

  • honest,
  • clean,
  • a better choice,
  • more competent and
  • a much-needed change.

Those expressing a choice for Adrian Delia, also gave reasons for their choice. They said that he

  • needs to complete his term and
  • he is hard working


When asked whether they think that the Nationalist Party could win the next election, thirty per cent more felt that this was more likely with Delia at the helm. 74% replied that in their opinion the PN would not win the next election with Adrian Delia as the leader. When asked the same question about Bernard Grech, this percentage went down to 44%.

The poll also asked what respondents consider to be the major problem facing the country today. 68% of respondents mentioned COVID-19, 15% mentioned immigration while 12% mentioned corruption.

For Bernard Grech as PN Leader:                 63%

For Adrian Delia as PN Leader:                                 17%

No choice:                                                       20%


Can Adrian Delia win next Election for the PN?        NO – 74%

Can Bernard Grech win next Election for the PN?    NO – 44%

MISCO Survey