“Something going very wrong” – expert about 63 new COVID cases

Miguela Xuereb

63 new cases of coronavirus have been reported by the health authority on Sunday after 2,044 swab tests were carried out in the last 24 hours. Prof Josef Lauri, mathematician, reacting to this ominous figure said: “Something seems to be going very wrong. There is no need for any sophisticated analysis to tell us. With 63 new cases today this is the highest daily figure since 17 August. The epicurve which, for the last week we were hoping to show the expected downward trend following a spike, is again on the increase, and rapidly if this trend continues, and the time series is forecasting 43 new cases for tomorrow.” 

Prof Lauri added that this spike could be that an unusually large number of cases had a longer than usual incubation period. “But whatever the reason, it seems that the mitigating measures we are taking are not enough or that we have become complacent and we are not observing well enough the instructions from the health authorities.  We must make greater efforts because this does not augur for the imminent opening of schools,” warned the expert. 

Out of the 23 cases reported yesterday, 6 cases had no known origin (sporadic) and were therefore contagion from the community.

The latest daily bulletin shows that the total number of active cases stands at 388.

31 more patients made a recovery.

At present, the bulletins published by the Ministry for Health elaborate on the previous day’s cases.